Jan 2020 For Release

Taggart Brown & Associates, Inc., a General Contractor specializing in Government construction projects, has completed the renovations for the autopsy room B for the State of Maryland, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore, Maryland. The project required removal of 8 autopsy tables, all wall surfaces and replacing the old sheetrock with a waterproof wall surface. The new wall panels were chemically welded together. During construction, it was noted that the original metal blocking was sub-par and insufficient. Taggart Brown & Associates removed and replaced over 3,000 LF of blocking to properly secure all equipment during reinstallation. The floors were resurfaced with an epoxy coating to complete the renovations.

Taggart Brown, President stated “We are excited to successfully complete this important work to help the OCME staff bring closure to victims’ families after heartbreaking incidents. As usual, we found existing conditions from the original construction 10 years prior to be very poor. Our work brought the structure up to proper conditions providing long lasting value to the State of Maryland.”

Taggart Brown & Associates, Inc. is a General Contractor providing services to the State and Federal Government clients throughout the United States. We are 8(a) and MBE certified providing over 75 years of construction knowledge and experience. Contact us at 443-996-6400 or at info@taggartbrown.com

OCME Autopsy Room B Project

Finished product for the Autopsy B room at OCME, Baltimore, MD